Affordable, true 1:1
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The Amplify Tablet Package offers an affordable way to go 1:1 while also providing the most truly personalized learning environment for students.

Affordable, all-in-one solution

At $199/year for 3 years*, the Amplify Tablet Package is an affordable way for districts to bring mobile learning to their students. Our bundled solution offers great value for districts, providing the K-12 software, device management and ongoing support that are critical to successfully implementing a 1:1 initiative. For detailed information on the Amplify Tablet Package and how its pricing compares favorably against other popular solutions, fill out the form to speak with a sales representative.

Truly personalized
Most devices being purchased in education are standard consumer devices not customized for education or individual learners.  Our unique platform has been specially designed for K–12 and allows teachers to easily differentiate instruction and engage students in rich, self-directed learning through:
  • Integration with a district’s SIS so that devices are personalized to each individual student and teacher
  • Formative assessment tools that allow teachers to administer real-time checks for understanding and meet the needs of different groups or individual students
  • Playlist Builder, which helps teachers create and share digital content with students, including sending different materials to different students
  • K-12 tools and resources preloaded on the tablet that students can use online and offline for learning anytime, anywhere

*Additional leasing fees apply